Monday, December 1, 2008

your outfit is so rotatalicious

rotatalicious? mmhm. another inside joke.
hi friends!
today was dec 1, well duh, but anyways it was also the 1st REAL snow and the first day back at school. wa-hoo. NOT!!!! well, wahoo about the snow, but not about school. and it was a monday. ewwwwwwww.
our dress rehearsal pretty much sucked, and now i`m nervous if we have any missed cues for tomorrow. OPENING DAY & NITE BABY!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOO!
lalala. 1234567890
as you can c, my profile on polyore is all wacked up. i changed it.
hate to blog & run, but i g2g before mom finds me on the comp when i`m supposed to scoop the poop in the kitty litter boxes. >:=p ew.

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