Thursday, November 27, 2008

happy thanksgiving! ♥

hi, y`all.
i had a nice thanksgiving. only it was weird cuz my sister was at her dad`s.
anywayz, i`m just totally pooped. i think i had a panic attack today on the road. like, i was all breathy, and i kept opening & closing my eyes, and the light was flashing, and then i saw a cross on the side of the road and i almost screamed. it was really freaky.
i still have to do my science hw for monday, but i don`t feel like it. *pouts*
i`m so excited for christmas. it feels so holiday-ish. also, i`ll get my guitar. i`m so happy that i get one. speaking of, i have to email my uncle to tell him what i want.
i have new sets on polyvore. look at my RL pic one.
happy holidays, my friendlies.
&nighty nite;

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

i`m so close to 2000 faves!

please help me get 2000 faves on polyvore!

♥ u N T o u C H e D ♥ by ♥luigi♥
My Recent Awesomest Set!

Clutter Cover -- FOR CONTEST by ♥luigi♥
My Best Art Set.

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i`m kinda depressed right now because no one looks at my blog anymore.
i`m figuring out how to get a polyvore widget so i can have a Set Archive.
i just had yellow cake batter ice cream. it was delicioso.
anywayzie, i`m just really bored so PM me, or comment me right here.
hope you`re still listening.

Monday, November 24, 2008

happy early t-giving :)

well. hey!
thanksgiving break starts tomorrow. i`m thankful for family, friends, clothes, food, water, pets, money, and education. what are you thankful for?
i`m a little crowded this week, so i might not be on.
look down for my autumn set.
i go oo oo you go ah ah, la la la la, ah la la la. i can la la la l-la la i wanna wanna wanna get get get what i want don`t stop! gimme gimme gimme what you got got cuz i can`t wait wait wait any m-more more more don`t even talk about the consequence cuz right now you`re the only thing that`s makin any sense to me.
did you like my tributary there to `untouched`?!!! i love that song.
we watched `kung fu panda` today in school. it was kind of cute. definitely funny.
anywayzie, i`m just rly bored.

♥ F o R E V E r ♥ by ♥luigi♥

Sunday, November 23, 2008

my `clutter mag` entry.

do you like it?

Clutter Cover -- FOR CONTEST by ♥luigi♥


i saw TWILIGHT yesterday, oh yessiree, i did!
i did i did i did!
it was really good. only the camerawork was pretty lame and they made her seem really angst-y. but seeing edward on the big screen was like, salivating. i was a drooling idiot.
and if you`re wondering, YEAH!! i finished the book before i saw the movie.
anywayzie, i`m so bored it`s sick. like, why is it possible for me to be bored?!!!!!!!!!!!
pm me on polyvore--it`s ♥luigi♥ if you`ve forgotten.

happy.holidays♥ by ♥luigi♥

Friday, November 21, 2008

last regular rehearsal ]-:

hey, it`s me.
well, duh. i say it like someone`s hacking into my account.
today was the last regular rehearsal. it was really fun, because the rehearsal went smoothly and almost no one missed cues or lines, and we got to have our pizza party. yummy yummy yummy.
(yeah, i read a LOT last night.)
tomorrow at 7:45 we`re going to see twilight. i`m so excited, i`m freaking out.
today we played Crab Soccer in gym. we have this giant soccer ball that we kick around while crabwalking. there are also some people on scooters. today sam p. ran my finger over with his scooter while i was crabwalking. he`s on my list.
i have to have a crush on adrian during the play. it`s so nasty. eww, eww, eww. that`s why they call it acting, i guess.
oh, btw, you can call me porsche-eyes. that`s my new name. *eyerolls*

Thursday, November 20, 2008

buddhist nuns!!!

^look at my title--trust me, i`m not being random. it`s an inside thingy. ;0
anywayzie, today at play practice, paul was being totally freaky. like, choking himself with a tie. his head was all blue and stuff. :-? marco was being weird, and the director was going wicked crazy on my behind. because a bunch of people missed their cues. because it was sooo loud in the back room, that you couldn`t hear anything up there. me and alaina are connected through claire--it is a small world after all.
i`m watching SpongeBob, my lovely show. `just one bite.` great episode. squidward says he hates Krabby Patties. uh, WHY?!!!!!!!!!
today i discovered my inner buddhist nun, wore a skirt to school, and i really can`t wait for tomorrow, because i can wear my new jeans. my mom bought them for me from WetSeal. they fit me ahmazingly. and they`re kind of skinny jeans, only not weird and suffocating. ;0
i hate jacob black. he`s such a jerk.
TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

last nite`s ONE TREE HILL

omg, did you watch ONE TREE HILL last night!?? it was so weird...and creepy. because i thought it was, like, their past or something? and when peyton died, i was super confused. but i really liked the ending. it was cute. although i`m bummed because jamie wasn`t in this episode!!!! waaaaaaaah.
anywayzie, i`m not feeling so good, so i`m at home. i would be in math class if i was at school. i just woke up about 20 mins. ago.
The clear turquoise blue water ripples,
Up and down the buoys go, greeting the sun,
The fishes' slippery tails sliding in and out,
The tide low and high, up and down,
Washing seaweed onto the clear white sand,
The sand of the great Jamaica.
do you like my poem? i just wrote it, just now. (unlike SOME, minniemoose!)
have fun at school, my darlings.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


i feel like such a lame-o right now. wanna know why? i'm watching hannah montana on disney channel, in my pj's, feeling bored.
but guess what?!!!! I'M GOING TO FLORIDA FOR SPRING BREAK WITH JULIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
anyway, g2g to bed.

Monday, November 10, 2008

apple bottom jeans! boots with the fur!

sorry, i have ***no*** idea why i titled my post that. i tend to do that, just be totally random.
well, did you watch the new iCarly movie, iGo to Japan? i thought it was pretty good. i give it an 8/10. whatevs.
i went to v & v`s house for dinner tonite. we had tacos. they were spazeriffically delicious. that guacamole was delightful.
i went shopping yesterday. i got a new hollister shirt, black cords, and these totally awesome jeans with fleece on the inside.
i`m kind of feeling depressed, but i just don`t want to talk about it.
mwah!!! love y`all!!!! {i feel like no one reads my blog...i know iss, you follow it...VERONICA?!!! follow my blog, you nut job!!!! anyway, am i just talkin` to air? i hope not...}

Saturday, November 8, 2008


hey, y`all. what's cookin?
today i`m gonna see that movie, THE CHANGELING with my mom. yes, it`s rated R. so what??? :)
but she wants to see BEVERLY HILLS CHIHUAHUA. i want to see THE CHANGELING.
i don`t think that anyone looks at this blog. HELLO!?!!!! *shakes computer* oh, well. i guess i`ll just talk ***at*** my blog.
anywayz, i am totally bored right now. it`s wayyyyyyyy too early in the morning.
gotta jet. bye!


Thursday, November 6, 2008

i`m back...

i just can`t get enough of my blog, apparently.
anywho, i have 2 requests of any readers out there: if you're there, that is...
on ~ the page of hugedramaqueen, lifelong friend...we always get into fights and make up. *thumbs up* please fave her sets if you have an account. :)
here`s the link:
on ~ her blog!! which totally rocks, i shall say.
here`s the link:
please see these pages. they`re totally worth it!!
ps: you like my playlist? i made it all on my own!! *modest, but proud*


hey there, my name is blackbird. well not really, obviously, but that's my nick on this blog. *thumbs up*
well, i'm a writer, and um, a polyvorian (♥luigi♥) and i am completely obsessed with blogger. i love blogs. someday i wanna make a vlog.
i will post lots and lots for y'all. please read my blog. i might put something earth-shattering on here. =]
mkay, i'm gonna go now;;
&waves bye;