Thursday, December 25, 2008

URGHH, and YAYY.. :] \\ :[

so much has happened. phew!
my great grandma died yesterday, christmas eve :'[ so she`s gonna get cremated. luckily.. [read yayy]
today was CHRISTMAS and much better by comparison of yesterday. i got so much cool stuff.. i would list it but then i`d sound like a spoiled brat. which, to many of your doubts, i am not.
but my favorite things were.. 1.] well my mom goes to an art conference every year and she bought from an artisan these amazing hand-crafted shoes...........brown mary-jane`s with yellowish sequins, rainbow threads, and a cool flower...........they`re totally funky and awesome. thanks santa! 2.] this awesome pink {ugh, but the others were made for boys} metal Bible that i saw at the christian bookstore a few weeks ago and longed for.. 3.] winnie the pooh watch with a bee charm. {i`ve been wanting a disney character watch for forever.} thanks mom and dad!thanks mika! oh and 4.] NORTH FACE DENALI JACKET IN "BLISS BLUE"... love it {so warm}.........smooches to my maternal grandparents!!!!!!!!!
speaking of, my maternal gramps fell off a ladder yesterday outside and refused to go to the E.R.... what a toughie he is ;].
anyways, g2g.

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