Monday, December 22, 2008

R a V i N G :] && R a N T i N G :[

raves and rants.. :-?
[yeah, you`re probably thinking "hello to you too..."]
1.] celebrating christmas with the grandparents!!!!!!! i got the following::: assorted headbands;; Tiffany&Co. earrings;; fuzzy/normal socks;; flip-flop slippers;; NINTENDO DS LITE (!!!! in white !!!!);; new Super Mario Brothers game;; Mario case :];; and yeah, pretty sure that`s it.
2.] vocal lesson recital! i sang this awesome italian piece and i was pretty good. i got a stupid standing ovation from my goofy dad. ;]]
3.] Macy*s in the city today!:::: went to the city and ate Walnut Room (assorted cheeses, yummie)... lots of Werthers Originals as usual... me complaining that my mother wouldn`t buy me these ultra-cool purple converse-style shoes from Coach with glittery C`s. not bad. :]
1. and only 1.] REALLY annoyed with some people.. but i won`t name names to keep myself from being anyone`s enemy. :x except my mom. wanted to shoot myself today. *gun* lol, jk. anyways, i`m gonna ignore the annoyance.
kind of 2.] JESUS! no one reads my blog anymore............................................................ARRGH!!! i`m talking to myself.. ew weird :[
hey,, heidi montag actually has an ok voice. :-?

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Olive the Brave said...

hey! are you from chicago? cause i was reading that you went to macy's and the walnut room and i was like, "omg that's in chicago!" so yeah. i'm from chi-town. it's cool. =] we're friends on polyvore btw.