Friday, December 19, 2008

wahootie! snowday! ♥♥♥

today was the first snowday of my life!!!!! it was kuh-rayyyyzee!
not really. the whole day basically sucked. my mom kept yelling at me because i got stupid paint on my jeans. whatevs. then i bought a new binder, a DKNY hoodie, pens, new saucony gym shoes, new balance socks, neon-colored (i got bright green on right now) socks, and the most a h m a y z e n n ♥ pencils of my life. they`re Bic ClicMaster #2 if you`re wwondering. but yahh.. it was pretty boring......................................only i`m doing really good reading Life As We Knew It, my caudill club book. it`s really good. but also kinda scary but...yahh.
my binder is so cool. on the front it says (in these colors): Kathryn`s awesome spifftacular ultracool binder extraordiniare!
it`s so totally a h m a y z e n n
anyways, gotta peace.
ps:::;;; i actually want to go to school. how sick is that!!!? I WANT MY CANDYGRAMS!!!!

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