Tuesday, November 18, 2008

last nite`s ONE TREE HILL

omg, did you watch ONE TREE HILL last night!?? it was so weird...and creepy. because i thought it was, like, their past or something? and when peyton died, i was super confused. but i really liked the ending. it was cute. although i`m bummed because jamie wasn`t in this episode!!!! waaaaaaaah.
anywayzie, i`m not feeling so good, so i`m at home. i would be in math class if i was at school. i just woke up about 20 mins. ago.
The clear turquoise blue water ripples,
Up and down the buoys go, greeting the sun,
The fishes' slippery tails sliding in and out,
The tide low and high, up and down,
Washing seaweed onto the clear white sand,
The sand of the great Jamaica.
do you like my poem? i just wrote it, just now. (unlike SOME people...lol, minniemoose!)
have fun at school, my darlings.

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