Monday, November 10, 2008

apple bottom jeans! boots with the fur!

sorry, i have ***no*** idea why i titled my post that. i tend to do that, just be totally random.
well, did you watch the new iCarly movie, iGo to Japan? i thought it was pretty good. i give it an 8/10. whatevs.
i went to v & v`s house for dinner tonite. we had tacos. they were spazeriffically delicious. that guacamole was delightful.
i went shopping yesterday. i got a new hollister shirt, black cords, and these totally awesome jeans with fleece on the inside.
i`m kind of feeling depressed, but i just don`t want to talk about it.
mwah!!! love y`all!!!! {i feel like no one reads my blog...i know iss, you follow it...VERONICA?!!! follow my blog, you nut job!!!! anyway, am i just talkin` to air? i hope not...}

1 comment:

iss said...

i read everyones blog. Lucky! I haven't been shopping in a long time, im gonna go soon.