Monday, November 24, 2008

happy early t-giving :)

well. hey!
thanksgiving break starts tomorrow. i`m thankful for family, friends, clothes, food, water, pets, money, and education. what are you thankful for?
i`m a little crowded this week, so i might not be on.
look down for my autumn set.
i go oo oo you go ah ah, la la la la, ah la la la. i can la la la l-la la i wanna wanna wanna get get get what i want don`t stop! gimme gimme gimme what you got got cuz i can`t wait wait wait any m-more more more don`t even talk about the consequence cuz right now you`re the only thing that`s makin any sense to me.
did you like my tributary there to `untouched`?!!! i love that song.
we watched `kung fu panda` today in school. it was kind of cute. definitely funny.
anywayzie, i`m just rly bored.

♥ F o R E V E r ♥ by ♥luigi♥

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